We feature in Pure Connnection Dog Training’s Newsletter


This month we are very proud to have been featured in Rachel Georgiades Pure Connection Dog Training Newsletter.

Rachel helps people with their dogs  whether it be to gain a strong consistent recall, walking nicely on a lead or you want to experience fun and fulfilling dog training for you and your dog.

I am very lucky that I walk Rachel’s dog Finnegan, he is a lovely golden lab.

There’s plenty or useful tips and information in this month’s newsletter for you to discover, plus you can grab your free guide to 10 great adventure walks in your local area from me!




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Become a Weekly Woofer – There’s so much for you inside!


I’m in business to help people with their pets. That’s why I do what I do.

With this in mind, we have launched the The Weekly Woof   I am giving you the opportunity, should you wish, to be one of the very first people to receive it.

The Weekly Woof will be sent out via email by me once or twice a week,  with hints, tips and stories about caring for your Dogs and Cats. The Weekly Woof will be entertaining, informative and educational. I really want to give you something of value, that’s easy to receive, quick to read, helps or entertains you and costs you nowt.

If you want to be A Weekly Woofer click this link, enter a few of your details and you are in. You will get an email from me right away confirming you are a Weekly Woofer and that’s it! Your first Weekly Woof will then arrive in your inbox within a few days.



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2017 Year End Report and 2018 Plans


It’s time to take a look back at 2017 and a peep into 2018.

Firstly let’s review 2017 for Paws Claws and More:-

  • We met a lot of great people and animals and sadly had to say goodbye to some too.
  • We started the year with 120 customers, we ended it with 260.
  • We opened our Ashford and Folkestone areas, which now account for 50% of our business.
  • We carried out 10,000 jobs throughout the year.
  • It was, without question, an amazingly successful year for us and we thank you all for being part of this, as without you, we wouldn’t be here.

We achieved this through the hard work of our excellent team and their dedication to caring for our customers and their pets.

Commitment, ability, knowledge and passion continues to grow the company, sticking to our principles of offering premium quality care, trustworthiness and reliability.

A sluggish housing market has not yet allowed us to achieve our goal in the next phase of the company of opening a doggy day care facility, but we will get there,
nothing will prevent this being achieved, it’s just taking time.

Looking ahead to 2018:-

We have big plans for this year, but I dont want to talk about all the things we are going to do before we do them, I am sure you will want to know when we can do things, not just our intentions.
Suffice to say that we are determined to be recognized as the premium dog walking and pet sitting company in our area, we will deliver this through:-

  • Offering free donuts once a week (not really, just checking you’re still with me)
  • Creating services that people want, not just what everyone else is doing.
  • Maintaining and increasing our high standard of people and animal care.

I will keep you updated throughout the year, however for now I want to thank you all for your custom, and wish everyone a successful 2018.



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New Places, New Faces

We are now delighted to announce that we have recently successfully expanded to the Ashford area. We now deliver our Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services to over 25 customers in this location. Today we care for pets from Tenterden to Brabourne with a sizeable number in the Central Ashford area. We are adding new customers all the time and our plan is to continue to do so throughout the summer. Our Romney Marsh area remains critical to everything we do and we have seen strong growth is this area too.

As part of the arrival of many new customers, it is important to make sure we have the right people, in the right locations. We are focused on continuing to provide the high levels of service that has created the reputation that we enjoy today. With this in mind, we proudly welcome Rick, Gill, Donna and Linda to Team Paws. Many of you may well have met our new faces out in the field already or maybe at our recent attendance at the St Mary in the Marsh Fayre.

You can meet the new faces in detail here.