dog walking ashford

At Paws Claws and More we don’t do bog standard dog walks. If you want your dog to be walked around the block for a wee and a sniff with many other dogs, then you have come to the wrong place.

Your dog is special and we want to give them a fantastic experience. That is why we created our Solo Scouting Mission, Squadron Patrol and Admiral’s Adventure.

From puppies to senior citizens, just like us, dogs need variety to have a fullfilling life and each of our experiences has been designed to meet their needs.


1 to 1 walk with a member of our Doggy Infantry. Your dog receives our undivided attention.

The perfect solution for your dog if they are nervous, anxious, or reactive by nature.

It’s a superb service ideal for working people and parents who want great care for their dog.

You can get on with your daily life and we make sure your dog has an awesome time, returning them happy and relaxed.

7 days a week from early morning to evening.


Group walk led by our Doggy Infantry.

Interaction and stimulation with other dogs to grow and reinforce your dog’s social skills.

Perfect for you if your dog is on their own at home and you want them to meet other dogs and to enjoy their time as a squadron.

Different Squadron outings throughout the week. Monday to Fridays lunchtimes.


·         If you want the very best for your special dog, you need our Admiral’s Adventure. Our exclusive premium dog service.

   It’s all about your dog and giving them the ultimate time.

  Great physical exercise, games for mental stimulation and key command training.

·         Our Doggy Infantry pick your dog up and take them out for an adventure. Including, swimming, exploring the forest, digging in the sand,

splashing in the surf with plenty or playtime and socialising with your dog’s buddies.


·         Absolutely everything on the Admiral’s Adventure is devoted to your dog's physical and mental needs, to keep them healthy and happy.

·         Each Admiral's Adventure will last for around 2 hours.

Your dog will likely be out of the house for 3 or 4 hours to allow for travel to various locations.

·         Our Admiral’s Adventures will run several times a week with places being strictly limited.