Our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Page allows you to quickly understand how we provide our dog walking and pet sitting services.

If you need to understand the details or indeed seek reassurance about points that are important to you or your furry loved ones, then you will find the answers in here!

About our services

We operate from Romney Marsh through to Folkestone in the East and to Ashford/Tenterden in the North.

We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

We accept all dogs irrespective of how well trained they are. The only note being is we will not accept a dog if we feel it puts our team in danger.

We love puppies, please let us look after yours, please…

There is always a primary carer for your pet, this is to create a bond with the pet and to build a relationship with you.

There will then be a secondary carer to cover for the primary carer if they are not available, again this is to build bonds and relationships.

We fully realise providing you peace of mind is part of our service. Therefore, we will always send you some pictures or leave you a written note, or send a text or make a phone call or whatever communication method you prefer, during the time with your pet to let you know how things are going or have gone.

This is entirely up to you as the owner, some of our customers today do not like their dogs walked in bad weather and this is fine by us. Some owners do not mind the bad weather for walkies, this is also fine by us.

There’s many ways to do this, it’s up to you….

Telephone/WhatsApp: 07572 427 449

Email: contact@pawsclawsandmorekent.co.uk

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