Is it always the same person who will visit/walk?

There is always a primary carer for your pet, this is to create a bond with the pet and to build a relationship with you.

There will then be a secondary carer to cover for the primary carer if they are not available, again this is to build bonds and relationships.

How can I find out you visited my house, I need to be sure?

We fully realise providing you peace of mind is part of our service. Therefore, we will always send you some pictures or leave you a written note, or send a text or make a phone call or whatever communication method you prefer, during the time with your pet to let you know how things are going or have gone.

What happens if they get sick whilst they are with you on a walk/you are staying with them whilst we are away?

We will always ask your permission when registering you with us for the first time to make decisions on your behalf to take the animal to the vets if we feel it necessary. Naturally we will always try to contact you first should the situation arise. However, if the matter is urgent and we cannot reach you, we will take the animal to the vets, even for an emergency appointment out of hours if the situation is of great concern.

What happens if my dogs runs off?

We will never let a dog of a lead without your permission. When walking a dog off lead with your prior approval, If the unlikely event occurs, we will call our team in the field together to find the escapee. This has happened to us before, albeit very rarely and we have always got the runaway back.

What do all the service names mean?

In a nutshell, we will walk your dog, or look after your pets at your house, whether it’s to pop in and feed them for 15 minutes, stay for a couple of hours, overnight, or whilst you are away on holiday. We look after all types of pets, including horses.

What areas do you cover?

We operate from Romney Marsh through to Folkestone in the East and to Ashford/Tenterden in the North.