Our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Page allows you to quickly understand how we provide our dog walking and pet sitting services.

If you need to understand the details or indeed seek reassurance about points that are important to you or your furry loved ones, then you will find the answers in here!

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About our services

We operate from Romney Marsh through to Folkestone in the East and to Ashford/Tenterden in the North.

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We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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We accept all dogs irrespective of how well trained they are. The only note being is we will not accept a dog if we feel it puts our team in danger.

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We love puppies, please let us look after yours, please…

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There is always a primary carer for your pet, this is to create a bond with the pet and to build a relationship with you.

There will then be a secondary carer to cover for the primary carer if they are not available, again this is to build bonds and relationships.

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We fully realise providing you peace of mind is part of our service. Therefore, we will always send you some pictures or leave you a written note, or send a text or make a phone call or whatever communication method you prefer, during the time with your pet to let you know how things are going or have gone.

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This is entirely up to you as the owner, some of our customers today do not like their dogs walked in bad weather and this is fine by us. Some owners do not mind the bad weather for walkies, this is also fine by us.

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There’s many ways to do this, it’s up to you….

Telephone/WhatsApp: 07572 427 449

Email: contact@pawsclawsandmorekent.co.uk

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Pet Health

We will always ask your permission when registering you with us for the first time to make decisions on your behalf to take the animal to the vets if we feel it necessary. Naturally we will always try to contact you first should the situation arise. However, if the matter is urgent and we cannot reach you, we will take the animal to the vets, even for an emergency appointment out of hours if the situation is of great concern.

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We handle many types of pets throughout a day and we enter many differing houses.

In order to minimise the risk of Cross Contamination, we operate a strict procedure within the team.

All staff have hand santiser in their vehicles. Every time they move from one location to another to pick up a new pet, they sanitise their hands.

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  • Payment is accepted by cash or electronic balance transfer.
  • Account to be paid is Lloyds Bank, Sort Code: 30-92-92, Account:34937668
  • One off bookings are paid on the day the service is completed by Paws Claws and More.
  • Regular bookings (EG 3 dog walks a week) are to be paid weekly on a Sunday or before this day.
  • Non-Payment will result in the services being stopped for you and your pets.
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The following cancellation charges apply:

  • All Services
    • If we are unable to access your property through no fault of our own. The cancellation fee will be 100% of that day’s service.
  • Solo Scouting Missions
    • Cancellations on the day of the booking will incur a charge of 50% of that day’s service.
  • Squadron Patrols
    • If you cancel your booking within 24 hours of the start time, you will be charged 50% of the amount
  • Admiral’s Adventures
    • If you cancel your booking within 48 hours of the start time, you will be charged 100% of the amount
  • Pet Sitting
    • Cancellation of your booking within 48 hours of the start time, you will be charged 50% of that day’s service.
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Safety and Security

In short yes. Your dog will be with a member of the team at all times.

We will never let a dog of a lead without your permission. When walking a dog off lead with your prior approval, If the unlikely event occurs, we will call our team in the field together to find the escapee. This has happened to us before, albeit very rarely and we have always got the runaway back.

We hold public liability insurance which covers all our employees when they are out and about working. This ensures any accident by them or with your pets are covered at all times. We are also insured for pet taxi services and for any loss of keys.

Your keys will have a key fob attached to them, the key fob will be marked with the pet(s) name(s) nothing more, no people names, no address details. When the keys are not being used, they are kept in our secured alarmed premises in a safe. Your personal details that you provide when registering with the company are never kept in the same location/building as your keys. Security is vital, that’s why we do what we do with customer records and their keys.

This has never happened, but if it were to, we are insured for key replacement. We will notify you of the loss as soon as it becomes apparent. We will then arrange for a locksmith to come to your house and change the locks and provide new keys at no charge to you.

We don’t want this to ever happen and we work hard to ensure it doesn’t, however it is important for you to know what would happen should the worst-case scenario come to be.