dog walking ashford

Our Pet Sitting Service provides care for your animals at home.

You may need to go out for a few hours or even go on holiday, we can visit and feed your pets, let them out for a wee or spend a longer time keeping them company  and making a fuss of them.

You will receive messages if you so wish so you know how things are going/have gone. These can be text, pictures, or even videos.


Your pet will receive the best of care whatever it is that they need.

Our Pet Sitting Service is perfect for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Chickens, in fact all the animals of the kingdom.

30 Minutes or 1 Hour.

From once a day to as many visits as you need.

7 days a week.


Our specialist Pet Sitting Service for your pet when you need care for extended periods

If your Pet has Seperation Anxiety and cannot be left, if your Pet has complex care requirements, our extended sit solves your problem.

Our care team stay in your home, without leaving for 24 hours to make sure your pet receives all the care and attention they need.