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The entire Paws Claws and More team is CRB checked and fully insured to care for your pets.

We all live in the local area providing the ability to provide flexible services, be they multi animal requests, long term house sitting, or even short notice emergency, our motto is “we are always open”.

Within the team, we have many years of animal care experience with people particularly skilled in Horses, Reptiles and Birds as well as Dogs, Cats, Chickens and Rabbits.

Scroll down to meet our crack team of animal professionals!


Dog Walker

Phil is the owner of Paws Claws and More. He is a dog and cat lover at heart, the current animal count at his home stands at 6, 3 dogs and 3 cats. He also has a great interest in all the animals of the kingdom.

He has spent many years leading teams in the UK and abroad and brings to the company a wealth of business experience with a proven track record for building great customer service.

This is an exicting time in my life and my career, I finally get to do something that I believe in and truly love. I’ve always been surrounded by animals since I was a toddler in my family home. Now I have my own family, it is fantastic to continue with this animal odyssey.



Sarah manages our day to day operations, she has a diploma in Horse Management as well as many years’ experience around horses including horses of her own. She has been surrounded by dogs/cats all her life and also currently has several reptiles at home.

‘I do this job as I have always been passionate about all animals. I love seeing how every single animal has their own personality and getting to grow bonds with them. I also love seeing the way in which animals communicate not only to other animals but to humans as well. To me there is no greater feeling than the welcome from an animal which you have formed a bond with, and to get that every day from such a variety of animals is what makes this, for me the best job in the world!’


Pet sitter


Dog walking

Gillian has brought to our company a lifetime’s worth of experience of caring for all types of animals and we’ve struck gold!

Her confidence and no little ability to care for our customers makes her a critical asset to our team.

We are lucky to have her.

I have worked with animals most of my life being with the R.S.P.C.A for more than 17yrs. Come rain or shine, summer or winter, there is no better feeling than developing a bond based on trust you get when working with animals, a wagging tail, a chirp or cheep a niegh or meow will always make me smile.



Dawn loves this job, spend 5 minutes talking to her about what she does and you will be left in no doubt as to how much she adores animals.

She is super popular amongst our customers based off the feedback we get on her.

I am at my happiest when I am surrounded by animals or when I am out walking, this job gives me both!




Dog walking

In the time Donna has been with us, she has gone from a willing new comer to a highly capable carer in an astonishingly short period. Go Donna!

I’ve been an animal lover all my life but particularly love dogs.
Nothing beats being greeted by a wagging tail and a shiny wet nose (and that’s just Phil).
Although a new comer to Paws Claws and More, I already feel part of the team and love their enthusiasm, care and understanding for all things animal.
I look forward to walking the dogs on my round everyday and feel like I have the job of my dreams.



Linda is the newest member of our team and has already proved herself to be very capable in all aspects of what we do.

Linda’s extensive background in health and social care has brought a new focus to how we operate.

I’ve recently joined Paws Claws and More after a career in health and social care.

I have always been an animal lover and since a child have had many different kinds of pets, including Budgerigars, gold fish, hamsters, dogs, cats, chinchillas and tortoises.
I’m also passionate about walking and recently my husband and I walked Hadrian’s wall along with our border collie Jess.
As a pet owner I fully understand how they are part of your family and that it is important to know they are well cared for and where relevant well exercised and of course loved.
Building a relationship with any animal is a real privilege and pleasure and being part of the Paws Team gives me the opportunity to do this.


Dog Walker Pet Sitter


Wayne is our company founder, he has many years’ experience being around an array of animals, including previously being a breeder for pets at home. He has over 35 years’ experience around horses, and currently has a horse, two cats, an African grey parrot, as well as reptiles including gheckos and snakes.

I do this job because there isn’t an animal I don’t love, animals have always been my life and always will be. I love developing bonds with animals and because I believe every animal should be treated as a family member, knowing we provide reassurance to owners that their pet is still being treated with the same love when they aren’t around makes this such a satisfying job.